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Waiting, Even When I Don’t Want to

When I got done with the World Race 7 months ago I expected to have my plane ticket to Swaziland when I rang in 2020. It’s now over a week into this year and I still don’t know when I will have a set launch date. 


When the fundraising process started I felt extremely confident that the money would come in without any problems. While I am still confident that the money will come in, I can now look back and see how passive I was. With that confidence I could have taken fast action and started doing what I could to try to bring the money in, but instead I let precious support-raising time slip away. Because of that I sit here, still a few hundred away in monthly support before I can even buy the tickets. 


With that in mind, I am coming to you guys in vulnerability with a humble heart. 


I truly believe that I am supposed to be in Swaziland by the time March (and a new squad) comes around. Jesus is doing big things in this country and with these racers, and He is calling us (me and you all) to be a part of it. 


In order to see this happen, I need $500 more in monthly support for my work with Adventures in Missions. Whether that be $5 a month or the full $500 I would be the most grateful and would love for you to join my team!


My hope is to have this amount as a confirmed pledge, with AIM, within the next week, so I can make the final preparations of leaving the States and making the big move. 


I look back on these few months and I am thankful for the lessons the Lord is teaching me. It’s been hard, but life back in the states has been good and the Lord has been so faithful. Within the last few weeks I have been able to see so many of the people that I love most and it has made my heart so happy. 


Thank you for getting me this far. It’s because of the prayerful, financial, and emotional support of you guys that I have been able to make it through these last two and a half years, and even want to move to another country. 


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or just want to hear more about what I am doing and the country of Swaziland!


In Him, 

Caleb Callaway


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