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Thankfulness Abounds

Yesterday was my first real holiday at home in around 3 years. It was everything I needed knowing that I am most likely not going to have another Thanksgiving home in a while. Though I choose to live my life in a lot of thankfulness everyday, I was especially thankful yesterday. 


Thankful to have spent the day with family eating the amazing Thanksgiving food, playing with my nieces, and watching football. Thankful that I have a family that loves and supports me so darn much, and pushes me to pursue God’s calling in my life. Thankful for growing up in the USA, and for having all the opportunities that living here presented me with. 


I am also thankful to have a village behind me, praying for me and supporting me in my passions. I am thankful for the donations I have gotten for Swaziland and I am thankful for the donations I have yet to receive. It seriously blows me away knowing that I have so many people in my corner.


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I get another reason to be thankful for the life God has blessed me with. 


With that in mind, I am hoping to launch for Swaziland in February and I need about $2,500 more by the second week of December in order to buy my plane ticket. I know this is where God has me in this next season and I need you to help get me there! I have no doubt that the Lord will provide the funds as I am praying for this miracle, so please consider being an answer to that prayer!


As I was spending time with the Lord this morning a song came on that I felt like God was speaking over me in the month of December. The chorus goes, “Your power, your presence, breaks strongholds. King of Heaven, when you speak mountains move. I believe there will be breakthrough.” This month I am believing for breakthrough. Breakthrough within fundraising, within relationships, and within intimacy with the Lord. I believe this not only for myself, but for everyone around me. I believe this for you. I believe that the King of Heaven will lead you to breakthrough in whatever season you are in. 


We just get the simple task of trusting Him to keep His word, which isn’t always easy if you like control like I do. 


Join me this month in trusting Him. Let’s see what breakthrough He brings in each of our lives!


In Him,

Caleb Callaway


Click the donate button at the top if you want to help with the $2,500 to buy my plane ticket, or if you want to start donating monthly. In order to be fully funded I just need around $1,100 more in monthly support! God is good y’all!



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